Elect Dr. Beth Liston

On The Issues

Better health care

Dr. Beth ListonAs a pediatrician and professor of medicine, Beth sees first-hand, every day the problems in our health care system, and as State Representative, she has worked hard to provide all Ohioans with better health care.  Beth wrote legislation lowering the price of insulin.  She voted for millions of dollars of new funding to fight the opioid crisis.  And she personally led community events on drug abuse, teen vaping, mental health, and other health care topics.

Good schools

A graduate of Thomas Worthington, and a mother of two kids in Dublin public schools, Beth knows first-hand how great our local schools are, and she is fighting to keep them that way.  She co-sponsored legislation that would increase funding for Dublin, Worthington, and Columbus public schools and that would finally end the funding caps.  And she supported new programs that will keep our kids safe from drugs, bullying, and school violence.

Responsible government

Dr. Beth ListonBeth knows that wasteful spending and high taxes are bad for Ohio, and as State Representative, she has been a champion of fiscal responsibility. She voted against the crooked, billion-dollar bailout of FirstEnergy.  She voted against the expensive new gas tax.  And she voted for an income tax cut that will help our working families and seniors make ends meet.

A strong economy

The daughter of a retired small business owner and a friend to local business leaders, Beth knows how to keep our economy growing.  As a member of the Economic and Workforce Development Committee, she is a strong voice for smart strategies regarding financial investments. She co-sponsored legislation to create public-private partnerships to make sure Ohioans are prepared for the jobs of the future.  And she voted for policies to strengthen the small businesses that power Ohio’s economy.