Elect Dr. Beth Liston

Meet Beth

Beth & FamilyThis district is my home. I grew up in the area and graduated from Thomas Worthington High School, where I met my husband Denver. I left for college, completing my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame.  I returned for medical school at the Ohio State University where I earned both my MD and my PhD.  I finished my residency training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Yale New Haven Hospital.

However, once children were born, my husband and I knew it was time to return home.  The four of us, Denver, Madeline, Adam and I, now live in Dublin where Madeline and Adam attend Dublin City Schools.  In 2006 I joined the faculty at OSU where I am a Professor of Clinical Medicine.

I have been a doctor in Columbus for over a decade, caring for children and adults who are sick and hospitalized. I am grateful for the trust my patients have given me to be a part of their lives during such vulnerable moments. It is both humbling and inspiring to have the opportunity to connect with people in such a personal way. As a university professor, I teach students to reason using an evidence-based approach to address complex issues and solve complicated problems.

State Representative Beth Liston is sworn in to the 133rd General Assembly alongside her friends and family.
State Representative Beth Liston

We all want to make a difference in the world. I started in graduate school doing cancer-related research, but realized I wanted to work with patients directly. Over time I began teaching more, because instead of helping a single patient, my students would eventually help thousands of patients.

Now, as your representative, I am working to make a bigger impact for people in our community and Ohio. The decisions I make, the bills I propose and support, the votes I cast in the House chamber — they all affect my family, my neighbors, and our futures.