About Beth Liston

I grew up here. My future is here.

I grew up in the 21st District and now my kids are doing the same. As your House Representative, I am using my data-driven decision making skills to make our communities – and our future – better.

Doctor. Mother. Professor.

We all want to make a difference in the world. I started in graduate school doing cancer-related research, but realized I wanted to work with patients directly. Over time I started teaching more, because instead of helping a single patient, my students would eventually help thousands of patients.

Now, as your representative, I have the ability to make a an even bigger impact in my communities. The decisions I make, the bills I propose and support, the votes I cast in the House chamber — they all affect my family, my neighbors, and our futures.

Years as a Resident
Years as a Wife
Years as a Doctor
Years as a Mother

My Family

Meet the people who inspired me to run for office. They are not the only ones I want to motivate to do great things in life.
Denver Liston, husband

Proud father and Beth’s biggest supporter (in the home, during the campaign, and while she serves our community).

Madeline Liston, daughter 

Freshman at Dublin Scioto High School

Adam Liston, son

Seventh grader at Davis Middle School

My Journey Until Now

I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities to do good around the world and in my local communities as a doctor and educator.

Moved in 1983

When I was about to enter 4th grade, my father (an engineer) was transferred here to head the construction of the AEP headquarters. I, along with my younger sister Lori, enrolled in Brookside elementary school. My sister Christy was born in 1986 as my mother completed her PhD in Education. All three of us graduated from Worthington Schools.

Met My Husband in High School

I knew him as the shy boy who had a crush on one of my best friends. He lived with mutual friends while I was at Notre Dame studying biochemistry, so we kept in touch. We started dating after I moved back and began my combined MD and PhD program at the Ohio State University in 1996. Denver and I were married in 1999.

Forming My Family

After graduating with an MD and PhD, we moved to the Northeast for my training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. Our daughter was born at the beginning in the second year of my residency.

Our son was born at the end of my training. I was offered a position as a faculty member at the Ohio State University and we were thrilled. It was time to come home.

A Challenging Career

I have been a doctor in Columbus for over a decade, caring for children and adults who are sick and hospitalized. I am grateful for the trust my patients have given me to be a part of their lives during such vulnerable moments. It is both humbling and inspiring to have the opportunity to connect with people in such a personal way.

As a university professor, I teach students to reason using an evidence-based approach to address complex issues and solve complicated problems. This is one of the most important skills that we can help our young people develop.

Envisioning Our Future

Over the course of my career, I have  provided care on multiple international medical mission trips and hold leadership positions in several organizations to affect policy.  After years of being a doctor and a professor, I became a consultant for the Ohio Department of Medicaid to bring a voice of experience and medical knowledge to our state government.

I can make a bigger impact using these skills to serve our community as your representative.