Issues Facing Us Today

There are many important issues we face today, but a few have priority, as they have the biggest impact on our communities and our futures.
Years of Education
Years as a Doctor
Years as University Professor
Years as a Mother


We all benefit from good schools and active workforce development.

Education is the most important component to our success as individuals and as a nation. Our public schools are the cornerstone of our communities. Policies should promote public education opportunities for all children and value teachers as professionals with important expertise.

We need to listen to our teachers, parents, students, and communities to support educational policies that ensure equal and strong opportunities for all students across Ohio. As a parent, I feel the frustration that a large amount of time is spent checking knowledge rather than learning knowledge.

We should not penalize schools that work with children who need extra support, but instead ensure they have the tools needed for success. Together, at the Statehouse and with our communities, we can make changes to strengthen what’s best for all students.

A Proud Public School Graduate

Watch Beth Liston talk about being a product of the public education system, and how it helped her become who she is today.


We must work towards a system that keeps us all healthy.

Health is important to everyone, not only as individuals, but we are all better off when we have healthy communities. We must take the progress we have made over the last several years and build upon this to ensure that all people have high quality health care. We need to move the conversation beyond partisan talking points, and towards real solutions.

Besides being a physician, I am secretary/treasurer of the Columbus Medical Association. I am part of the American Academy of Pediatrics and I have been on the policy committee for the Ohio American College of Physicians for several years.  I have also worked as a consultant for the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

Over the last several years I have worked tirelessly to teach students, community members, physicians, and legislators about healthcare policy. We need experts working together to ensure that our system keeps us healthy. I have the knowledge, skills and expertise to make an impact and move our system forward.

Why Healthcare is Important


Collaborative partnerships promote economic growth and development.

Strong communities are the cornerstone of economic growth. We need to ensure that our local leaders are empowered to retain and expand high paying jobs, and that our people are empowered with the skills and protections necessary to support themselves and their families.

Workforce development through education and local business partnerships is crucial. Policies to ensure public safety (including those that combat the opiate epidemic), support first responders, and address infrastructure needs – like access to clean water – are vital to our community.

I remember when the area north of 161 was largely farmland and when Dublin and Worthington had one high school each. Dublin has considered opening a 4th high school. We have grown exponentially. As your representative, I am committed to making sure we have the resources needed to maintain the excellence of our communities.

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